What’s New: Winter 2020

Greetings Readers!

Unfortunately, there’s not much to report this time around. It’s been a slow season with not much writing done at all. My life has just been idle, for the most part, and not much has changed. Really, there’s not all that much to write about. With that, it’s going to be a short report for Winter so let’s hop right in!

For any returning readers, I apologize for the lack of content and I really hope the inspiration to get back to writing returns very soon for me. Who knows? Maybe even writing something as short as this update and reading back through a few memories of posts I planned to publish will give me the extra boost that I need. For first-time visitors, I welcome you to my site and certainly hope you enjoy reading!

New posts

The only post that’s been finished after the Autumn 2019 update was the first half of “The End of Myself”. 2019 was a fantastic year for my Spirituality and I really want people to be able to read a single post that details why. I really tried to keep the first part short because most of it just summarizes the first half of the year when I was actively writing. So when I say “single” post, I’m talking about the second part.

Near the end of the first part, I wrote that the second half would be published near the end of January. …And here we are, in the end of January, parttwoless. I am writing it but, much like the rest of the season, I can’t force myself to write it. I originally planned to have the second part release on the anniversary of my email to Max (January 7, 2019; 10:07pm).

However, I decided to release the first part at that precise time instead. I couldn’t foresee having the first part finished by the desired release date anyway but maybe that was for the better. I’m about half-way through the second part and can already see that it has significantly less to do with that email than the first part did. I’m glad the anniversary of my email could be spent explaining its contents and describing how I was wrong.

Future Posts

2019 will never not be a fantastic year, so I have no doubt that part two will eventually be published. I’ve already started writing part two, so it’ll definitely be the next blog that’s posted. Since I’ve already posted part one, it’s really only a matter of time.

This past week in Wednesday night Bible Study, I was really distracted by another potential post. My dad sent out an email not too long ago and shortly afterward we had a very interesting night of Bible study. These two subjects occupied my mind so much that I couldn’t get much from the Bible study I was at. As stated in the first sentence of “Am I Really Me?”, this just means that it’s a post I should finish soon.

Cancelled Posts

In Autumn, there wasn’t a lot I mentioned in terms of “upcoming posts” so I’m sorry to inform my audience that I will be cancelling all posts that have to do with Life is Strange. I’ve thought about different ways I can piece together things I want to say to no avail. There’s just not a whole lot to say. I had two posts I wanted to write but the first wasn’t long enough and the second didn’t string together all too well. Still, I’ll go ahead and write down the things that I was thinking about.

If I Could Know

First, I was listening to a song and thought, “if I could know my death date, how would it affect my spiritual behavior?” I remember I was on the bus and A Hundred Years by Five for Fighting played. It made me think, “if I knew I was going to die in exactly ten years, five months and twelve days, would I behave differently as my death date drew closer?” Even with my expressive answer, I could only imagine this post being five paragraphs at most.1

Anyway, Life is Strange is essentially about a girl with powers of time and space.2 Even though she can only rewind time a few seconds, the game’s focus is that she knows what’s going to happen.

Favorites (untitled)

Secondly, I had a post centered on “favorites” like actors or games. I thought Life is Strange was a great game which is why I would’ve used it as a Featured Image. I also wanted to talk about why it was one of my favorites which, coincidentally, is also why Elijah Wood is one of my favorite actors. Things don’t happen to their character. Things happen around them and they react. Those two ideas could have gone together but they wouldn’t have been long enough to settle my eyes.

See, this was supposed to be an introspective post and to segue into introspection, I wanted to introduce my “favorite” comedian: Bo Burnham. This guy is incredibly vulgar and is now a funny relic from a past life. He’s a singer who tells jokes with his songs and uses stage props and lighting to strengthen his performance. Burnham knows no bounds when it comes to socially appropriate. However, there simply wasn’t a way to tie his introspection to my introspection.


Well, that about wraps it up for this season’s update! Super glad I could make this in before the end of January like I mentioned in November. It was absolutely astonishing how I pulled together two solid ideas3 just one night before authoring this update but, to be honest, my writing productivity has really slowed down. Although I am very pleased that I was able to get the first four updates in sequence, this should not be expected from here on out.

When I told myself I would start seasonal updates in Summer last year, I didn’t realize how much pressure that would place over me. They really give me the feeling, “I have to write a post now because I told my audience I’d write it and I don’t want to be counted as a flake.” I’m just trying to reignite the joy I once found in writing. In my mind, that’ll come easily once I remove it as a requirement and instead think about it as something I would like to do.

In the future, you can expect more pages like this but just don’t expect them to be seasonal anymore. I would still like to recap recent posts, detail things I would like to write and tell about posts I no longer want to write. I just don’t want to schedule them so that they must be written by a certain time. That takes the fun out of it in my opinion and if I’m not writing for fun, why aren’t I getting paid? Until next time, stay awesome and I’ll try to get some of my unfinished projects published.


1 Which, I guess, could have been a good thing; recently, I’ve tried making my blogposts shorter in order to not make reading them an exercise.
2 WARNING: Inappropriate video review of Life is Strange; explains why Max controls both time and space.
3 Yes, something I didn’t mention: there will actually be two separate posts written about either my dad’s email and the Wednesday night Bible study discussion.