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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Greetings, readers! I want to introduce all newcomers to my blog and for those of you that are returning, I’ve been working and have a few updates to share! Unfortunately, we’ll have to start with some bad news but good news are directly afterward!

Sadly, my blogposts revealing details about my fictional series has been cancelled. I think the secondary timeline, Kingdom Daft, has enough story to it to standalone but it originally was made to work in cooperation with my primary storyline, Double Crossed.

This story was set to begin in 2010 with the discovery of an alien technology granted into possession of the industry known as, EliCore. The alien technology was soon copyrighted and given the name “Realitech” and soon thereafter, construction on Kingdom Daft was initiated.

Kingdom Daft is a completely artificial country in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Utilizing the Realitech Engine, which converts digital reality into physical reality, EliCore builds a landmass entirely made of metal and artificial reality. After construction, aliens return to the planet and report they are searching for a criminal from their home planet and have reason to believe he came to Earth.

Then it gets into the actual story which is mine to keep but the original story, Double Crossed, was made when I had a childish imagination. Considering that I want the story to expand into a larger universe, I’d like factors to be something that I can always come back to. For example, in the first Toy Story, the movie ends with a miraculous event that is never spoken of again. That’s the kind of elephant I’d rather not have the room.

Given this, I decided to cancel the details of my fictional universe as there are many plot points that just don’t work with the rest of the story. The Kingdom Daft side of the Eliverse was developed while crossing the bridge from childlike imagination into an adultlike “presidential office” so without too many modifications, it can work as a story. I might, one day, compose a summary on the “We Are One” scene spoken of in “My Disagreement with the Lord” but as of right now, I have a few other posts planned.

Finding Christopher

My new post, The Cake is a Lie, reveals why this disagreement started and goes into detail about my lifestyle choices since then. I don’t want to spoil too much but before you get angry with me about the way it ends, please note that I am working on a “part 2”. Anywho, Happy Reading!

March 15, 2019

Greetings, readers! I have a couple ideas for my next few blogposts and I’d like to share them as a way of letting my readers (if there are any) know that I am thinking about what to write next but since I am the only one creating posts for this site as of yet, they take a while because I carefully write and edit what I publish to always ensure that my posts are top quality. First, let me write about a post that I thought of long ago but ended up cancelling.

A Fear of Goodbye

The post was going to be called “My Fear of Departure” but was actually discontinued mostly because I couldn’t find the right words. I don’t enjoy when people exit my life, especially the people I hold most dear. This post was supposed to outline a few moments in my life where I was psychologically affected by the departure of important people in my life. Honestly, one of the reasons it was cancelled was just because it was just too pessimistic no matter what I wrote.

However, I did want to write about this “forgotten” post today because it would have revealed why I was such an antisocial hermit before bible college. See, I was relatively popular in middle school and the 2010 “event” really cut that down. I think one of the reasons I was such a shut-in after the event, in addition to the fact that not a whole lot of people want to befriend a childlike teenager in high school, was because I subconsciously realized that I didn’t want to gain popularity just to lose it again. From this, I only want to highlight that I didn’t socialize with many people before 2015. I would like my readers to remember this when reading one of my next posts.

I think I’m going to entitle it, “The Cake is a Lie” with a little design of the companion cube from Portal. My last post didn’t reveal a whole lot about why I’m in disagreement with the Lord so much as it revealed why I’m in constant disagreement. I think I’m finally ready to reveal the information as to the initial purpose. Although, before then, I’d like to release a few more “fictional” ideas.

I have a few more episodes of “The President’s Office” I’d like to publish from long ago as well as a few new ideas from the Eliverse. Originally, I didn’t want to share episodes of “Within the President’s Office” because those thoughts are really my own but because they are so old, I really don’t care who sees them anymore. Moreover, both my Double Crossed and Kingdom Daft storylines have a central character named Elijah. Because of this, I named this universe the “Eliverse” and I have many ideas I’d like to share from these stories, starting with the central technology platform, “Realitech” (pronounced “ree-AL-i-tek”).

I’m thinking my next post is going to be the one stating the creation and development/restrictions of the Realitech engine within the Eliverse timeline. After that, I’ll post “The Cake is a Lie”. I’m very excited for these new ideas but in the meantime, hang tight and stay awesome!

March 7, 2019

Greetings, readers! Welcome to my site! I write blogs here about my life events and hopefully at some point in the future, I’ll post more about my fictional storylines. Lately, I have been giving great consideration to how this site will be used and I have some plans. This week, I published another “The President’s Office” storyline and wrote about a “disagreement” I have in my latest blogpost but I have a few other story ideas!

The Lord and My Disagreement

Yes, this is my latest blogpost! It’ll be posted later today or early tomorrow, but I’m really excited about it! I haven’t been this excited for a blogpost since my “Am I Really Me?” post. It’s pretty much the exact opposite of what you’d expect a “good Christian boy” like myself to write but it really is a turning point for the kind of content that will be found on this site.

I published a work I composed around December 2017, “Sue’s Whereabouts”. As was stated in the footnotes of “My Thoughts on Prayer”, this “episode” is actually one of my favorite installments from this storyline. Though, it was really so that “For the Good of the Company” wouldn’t be alone in this category. I’ll have to finish and add my absolute favorite episode before too long. Before, I didn’t add any other installments mainly because I wanted the site to have a different focus.

Sue_s Whereabouts

However, seeing as how I do not possess the patience to sit down and write a full-blown book, I have some other fictional ideas I would like to compose and publish as my own. They’ll come in the future but because this site will, from now on, be used to record life events and fictional ideas, I have added the “Fiction” tab to the category selection pane below the branding.

To finish, I have a few other plans for this site. I want to get rid of the ads on the site! Alternatively, I could upgrade them so that I could make the site work for me. Thinking from a “reader” standpoint, I wouldn’t be too keen myself to read on this site with the type of ads I see. Literally, it’s just that they look a little too dull and generic. I’ll soon be purchasing an annually renewed plan with the site but first, I’ll have to get a bank account that I can just store money in to pay off my auto-renew accounts like Xbox Live, my phone bill or WordPress.

To do this, I’ll go to the bank and request a card be tied to my secondary checking account usually used to pay rent. It’ll actually work to my benefit because then, I can just put about $100 in this account each month and switch my auto-renew accounts to be paid on this card. That way, the plans (including my new WordPress account) can auto-renew without fear of being overdrawn when I go to purchase, say, groceries.

RoChriMel Branding

Well, that’s really all I have as far as recent updates/ambitions for the site go. Just one more update that really didn’t deserve a spot in the “more important” paragraphs: I have plans to add a new drop-down list, “Playlists”, to the category selection pane alongside my fictional stories. I’ve recently been posting music videos or song links to my social media from the music I’ve recently been listening to. I thought, why not just add all the songs that you’ve been listening to? and I turn to myself, that’s a great idea, Christopher! My gosh, you’re so brilliant and good-looking!

…Um, yeah. That’s me. Anyway, happy reading!

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