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Greetings, Readers!

In the United States, my Amazon Alexa tells me that Summer 2020 ends on September 22nd which is in a few days. Look at that! I even chose Summer Forest from Spyro’s Reignited Trilogy as the page’s featured image! It’s gotta be for Summer otherwise I would’ve edited a photo showcasing Autumn Plains if the post was shared after Summer’s last day. Since this update will be published before Autumn begins, I’m still counting it as a “Summer 2020 Update.” Deal with it.

Recently Published

Recovering from Rampancy

I’m quite proud of “Recovering from Rampancy” as it really kickstarted my return to a more God-honoring way of life. The post’s conception started with my fascination for a chapter in a book I was reading. It wasn’t until I found writing about fiction difficult that I recognized that a few other lifestyle choices have been improved so I decided to change the post’s focus. Soon after the post’s publication, however, a lot of the topics that I built up as a “Recovery from Rampancy” collapsed without a sufficient foundation.

Allow me to offer the next few paragraphs as a follow-up.

In the post, I implied that my recovery was initiated by a friend that reminded me that I can speak to God through prayer. I don’t want to spoil too much in the hopes that you follow the link to the actual post but I suppose that’s the problem with sequels: they spoil the initial story. A good sequel though shouldn’t rely too heavily on the original so here goes. Even with how much I know and understand about our God and Christianity, crafting seemingly one-sided monologues to my Heavenly Father in a currently-distant realm still seemed a bit too much like a chore.

At a Third Place group study meeting with Sierra Community Church attendees, the leader of the group led a series on our Lord’s “Instruction on Prayer” (Matt 6:9-13; Luke 11:2-4). I’ll usually avoid promoting my own blog outside of my Facebook newsfeed but I uncharacteristically did so at that night’s Bible study. Our study’s final question was, “How has this study impacted your prayer life.” I confessed to them all that my prayer life was most heavily impacted by the simple nudge from Halley. When the teacher shared a link to the blog and incorrectly suggested the whole thing related to our study, I had to correct him and confess that my prayer life dissipated once I successfully returned to a life removed from gluttony or adultery.

Predictably, these self-restraint tactics fell without support from an active relationship with my Heavenly Father. I didn’t read the Bible outside of my efforts to memorize verses and, as previously stated, I still thought of prayer as an obligation rather than an opportunity. The lack of those two exercises permitted the suspension of the benefits conveyed in the post. The study’s pastor heavily aspired that all participants of the study would recognize what a gift the ability to communicate with our Lord and Savior is. I wanted to know that joy. With newer tactics and a “heavier” reason to pray, I’m presently able to desire to pray a lot more often and have recently started a reading plan with Logos Bible Software.

[link coming soon]

Yes, Episode III-2 has finally been edited into a blog and will be published in October! I am afraid that it may be the final episode I write of Within the President’s Office. I wrote a few episodes from seasons three or four around the same time the thoughts transpired so I might publish those later. It just takes an extra level of concentration and focus to author one of these episodes and I’m honestly not too hyped to reenter that state of mind. I have most of Episode IV written but I never finished it and if I’m not going to publish more after that, “why continue a series chronologically when things are so well tied up at the end of Episode III?”

Cancelled Posts

This post was never formally announced but I made what is probably my favorite featured image in late March 2020 and wanted to compose “Spartans Never Die?” ever since. I actually started writing this post and was very ambitious as to its completion so I’ll not spoil too much in the case I ever want to pick it up again. The Halo franchise was passed from Bungie to 343 Industries in 2007. …No, wait: 2011. No, Bungie’s last game was Halo: Reach in 2010. I’m a bit fuzzy on the “exchange of hats” but 343 decided to take the story in a different direction with Halo 4 in 2012.

Although there has been an acceptable amount of negative feedback on this new direction, I actually favor the new direction as I feel it encourages the player to read into the expanded lore. Halo 4 is likely my favorite game of the series. There’s a line in the opening scene that didn’t make sense until I read the third novel, Halo: First Strike. I planned to write a post elaborating on my fascination with the scene and explain the motive behind the interrogator’s question. As evidenced in my efforts to compose Recovery from Rampancy, I found writing about my own admiration for someone else’s fiction to prove difficult so I’m sorry to say that this post is cancelled.

Too bad, too. This was the first post where I used my own Xbox to get a screenshot of enough quality to be edited into a featured image. I was just getting back into the groove of writing when I started Recovery from Rampancy, so maybe my skills at writing were a bit rusty at the time. The second half of that post is the well-written part after all. I may continue to write this post later but I feel like I should get used to my own writing patterns before I write about someone else’s.

Future Posts

In my What’s New: Autumn 2019 update, I announced that I was planning to write a post with a title image that features Square Enix’s Avengers release. The game was only released recently and it just feels like the right time to start writing a post about this topic. Autumn 2019 detailed that I want to write on the practices of a particular member, specifically from the MCU, but I actually have commonalities with a few of them. I’ll try and write about those different Avengers if I can make it flow seamlessly with the rest of the narrative. This post will also includes an overarching theme that references a skit from my favorite comedian (another topic which I’m fairly certain was teased in the same update). With the Avengers game finally released so I can get a good screenshot and all the circumstances lining up, I feel it would be an excellent time to finally write and publish this work!

You should see it within the next month and a half!

About Salvation…

See how I cleverly placed that first teaser just below the section title, “Future Posts,” so I didn’t have to name it? Yeah, that’s because there’s such a thing as too much of a teaser and I’m not here to spoil posts.

Speaking of not spoiling posts, I saw a meme that will not be shown here that made me think of the simplicity of Salvation. This is primarily just to expand my “About [topic]…” series (About Food…; About Prayer…). Previous topics in this series have expanded upon my own experience with them and how I’ve learned to view them differently. I do not predict this will be the case with my position on Salvation but who knows? Personal revelation while typing out blogposts is not unfamiliar nor is it unwelcome. I have a few ideas for how this post ought to be written so I think I’ll let it sit in my head for a while before starting composition on it. Besides, I can’t start writing this before I’ve finished my Avenger’s post.

End of Line

I have a few more ideas but not that I could properly name and foreshadow without giving away too much of the aforementioned ideas. I think I’ll stop there for this update. I hope to have another update ready by the end of Fa– err– Autumn 2020 but we’ll have to see what the next two and a half months bring. I have high hopes for this blog but I always have. As said in the first few paragraphs of my last blogpost, I have many ideas but writing teasers for them while preserving the hope that they won’t be exposed has been somewhat of a challenge so I shan’t proceed.

Until next time, stay awesome!
R. Christopher Melton II

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