What’s New: Spring 2020

Greetings, Readers!

To those of you that read the last update at the end of Winter, I  may have said that you shouldn’t expect me to write these sort of updates seasonally. I was focusing on my career at the time and simultaneously trying to compose “TEoM: The Rest of 2019The End of Myself - Part 2was putting me under, like, a lot of pressure. I set the bar for that post to be nothing less than the best post I’d ever written! Err, at the very least, to be in my top three. I’d say I’ve achieved that.1 So to say, I was a little worn out afterwards (“Where do you go once you’ve reached the top?”).

However, quarantine has granted me the “opportunity” to have 100% free time. I’ve been mostly careless with that time thus far by playing video games and binge watching YouTube, Netflix and Hulu. Only recently have I wanted to be more Spiritually productive with this time that was unexpectedly granted. I should not be wasting this time! So, I asked myself what can I do to make sure this time has a lasting effect on how I live? Coincidentally, I started to think of more writing projects as well as finishing some I said I would work on a while back.

Recent Posts

Quick Jots: Reading List

My “quick jots” series has been a thought I’ve considered for a very long time. I’ll occasionally have these thoughts that are interesting enough to write about but aren’t substantial enough to warrant an extensive blogpost. My “If I Could Know” blog that I thought about in Autumn 2019 could conceivably be made into one of these posts. That is, if I were willing to write about such an impossibility.My Summer Reading List Now that I’m not actively participating in society though, it’s harder to think of these ideas since there are less thoughts being thrown around the office.

Anyway, this one was about my reading list for the Summer. I probably gave away too much with that featured image but I really didn’t try all that hard on the actual blogpost anyway.  It came out just a few weeks after part two of “The End of Myself” so I really only wanted to get it out as a way of moving on from that masterpiece. If my writing was a movie, “My Summer Reading List” would be the falling action just before the movie ends in that “life will be different but it’ll still be life after 2019.”

A Lesson from Psalm 23:4

If “My Summer Reading List” was the falling action, you’d think this would be the start of a beautiful sequel. If we’re going into the cinematics of my writing, the start of the first movie would be “Am I Really Me?2 This’d leave that post’s predecessors to be like a television show or cinematic shorts to discover how the audience reacts, much like what Disney did with Star Wars. A Lesson from Psalm 23 (alt)This could be another one of those but, must admit, it’d be real swell if “A Lesson from Psalm 23:4” laid the foundation of my sequel. Who knows where that story would go?

Oh, yeah: the summary. So, in said post, I wrote that my study group had a verse-by-verse series on Psalm 23 in January. I intended to write a blog on the study shortly thereafter but was so worn out with finishing my year-in-review and decided to wait until my writing reserves were restocked before writing another full blogpost. You’ll be intrigued to learn that this is, in fact, signaled by restless sleeping patterns. …Which I’ve been having recently. Four months later, I didn’t think I could remember that much from the original study so I intended it to be a short “quick jot” post. Interestingly enough, I ran through the study again and wrote enough to disqualify it as a quick jot.

Upcoming Posts


In all honesty, it’s relatively difficult for me to get in the groove of writing my fiction. I don’t know if this resonates or even makes sense to anyone but when I write my fiction, I have to sit up straight. Does that make sense? Like, I’m very strict with my fiction. It must be written a certain way or I’m not gonna share it. I’m pretty sure if you look at some of my older non-fiction posts, they’ve become more relaxed because I’ve lowered that bar. But not on my fiction. Never on my fiction. S-8In fact, the only reason I have my fiction in upcoming posts is because I have Episode III-2 written.

I know that I’ve already shared that in my Winter 2020 update but there’s a reason I share it again now. I feel uncomfortable having essentially the same featured image on my blog as with “Moving Forward” and “A New Day: Part One“. In respects to that, I was hard at work with a SketchUp project that illustrated the primitive Sector 8 before it was as popular as it is shortly thereafter. Then quarantine happened and I just haven’t been as motivated to work on a very large architectural project that’s incredibly likely to be completely useless after this single episode. If my 3D model is ever completed though, I promise that Episode III-2 will be up in no time.


Finally, I get to add a Life is Strange-themed cover to my collection of featured images derived from video game screenshots. This won’t be the “If I Could Know” post or the one about my favorite [noun]s3 that I first said would be covered by this game. No, I had a Bible study recently where someone I used to know read off something that instituted the thought that I may have slacked on my writing and what may be to blame for such a behavior. Though there are two or three reasons I chose Life is Strange to “cover” this post, I predict a 92.77% chance that this post will be written so I shan’t give away too much of the writing material.

Life is Strange Banner


The psychological assembly for Distracted was just a few days ago but in order for the right context, I’d need it published within a certain time frame that’s not probable. It’d be another sermon/study analysis but would only be applicable if written by the end of quarantine which, I imagine, is in the near future. A post shared on my workplace’s Facebook group said Caesar’s properties in town might reopen as “early” as the second week of June. Hopefully, I can publish this soon enough but this post would only work as a follow-up to Inhibited so I’ll label it 19.27% likely.

About Death Note…Morality in Death Note

Yeah, isn’t that crazy? My blog, which mostly deals with theological thoughts and experiences with a bit of theologically driven fiction, will soon wield an analysis on sacrilegious psychological anime. It’s not that far-fetched, I don’t think. Only time will tell how much I’ll have to write on the subject but I’m 97.42% sure this’ll be an actual post. The blog will focus on my opinion on the morality in the show. Although my opinion should be obvious, I think you’ll be surprised as to where I stand on the matter.

End of Line

This works because in hindsight, I personally think my writing has brought me closer to a life that God would want me to lead. I’m happy to start writing again and look forward to another literally productive Summer! Though, WordPress has announced that they’ll be getting rid of their “classic editor” to establish their new “block” editor starting June 1st. We’ll see how well I adapt to that as I was not a huge fan the past few times I’ve used it. Still, I’ll do my best to adapt to their new editor in order that my affinity for writing shall not suffer the consequence of WordPress’ mutation.

This is Christopher,
signing off.

Never-Before-Seen Exit


1 I’d vote my three best (not necessarily in order of quality): Am I Really Me?My Disagreement with the LordThe End of Myself – The Rest of 2019.
2 Actually, when I think of how a movie really works, the beginning would be “‘I haven’t changed, you have!’” to show the protagonists personal struggle.
3 The segment in this post that singled out my favorite comedian should be reworked into another post involving Square Enix’s Avengers game.