What’s New: Autumn 2019

Greetings, Readers!

Well, it’s been a long Summer and I have not written a lot throughout so I’ll just get right in talking about what I’ve been up to. If you’re visiting for the first time, welcome to my website! Please, read into this page as an introduction to recent posts that have been released since my Summer 2019 update and tells of potential posts to come in the future! For returning readers, thank you for your loyalty and join me as I travel through my announcements for Autumn 2019. I hope you’re all doing well and have had a pleasant Summer because my Summer’s been unproductive and unimpressive. With that, let’s jump in.

A Lazy Summer

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My most recent publications include just these three posts. At the beginning of Summer, I did have hopes of a season absolutely filled with writing projects. This did not happen. Soon after I wrote A Faux Hope, I lost my zeal for writing. I’ll talk about the reason for that later but for now, I’ll tag on a little detail about each of these posts.

A Faux Hope released shortly after my last update. If you read through the post, one of the attributes I wanted to highlight about this post was it’s parallels found in the characters of Silent Hill 2. I was initially on the fence about this because, whereas my posts usually center on a positive theme, the game itself is rather dark or demented. Primarily, I was a bit skeptical about using Pyramid Head to symbolize God as “the executioner” who put an end to Maria (used to symbolize my idolization of romance). Still, I think the actual post may have suffered for this because there were a few things that were omitted from the final product.

I Think I Want To Be Forgiven (2)

If I remember correctly, this was because they were too bright to match the theme I wanted to convey. I actually considered using Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children as the post’s primary theme. This would have allowed me to use the edited screenshot above to illustrate my desire to be pardoned of my sin, worship of “a faux hope”, and finish on that high note I so desperately wanted with Aerith’s finishing line, “See? Everything’s okay.” Still, I decided against this. First, because I couldn’t find any cutscenes that provided resolution anywhere above 480p but mostly because I felt I’ve overused games from Square Enix for screenshots in earlier posts.

Though, from the looks of it, that particular problem doesn’t seem like it’ll be corrected any time soon judging from the posts I envision to inhabit this site in the near future.

Finally, about my two fictitious posts, I have started posting episodes of “Within the President’s Office”. Although it has been edited slightly since it’s original composition to try and cover up some of the plotholes that I imagine will be discovered later in the series, Episode II was written shortly after Episode I, both around the time I left Bible college. As I may have warned before, these were both written before I really had time to sit down and think about how this analogy would work.

For example, when Mr. President states that he is in ShaBiCo district in episode two as an explanation as to why he’s away from office, he wasn’t actually in Sector Seven. I wrote that in order to have a fun poke at “the train [of thought]” and when I was really just thinking about people from Shasta Bible College. More importantly, when ShaBiCo district’s buildings are imploding in episode one, that was written in order to elicit my feelings of defeat toward the fact that I had to leave Shasta Bible College. However, those first two episodes really “set the stage” for the President’s return to South Lake Tahoe and, in my opinion, illustrated his submissive behavior to the Commander, and in contrast established the Commander’s dominant behavior, better than anything I could’ve produced today.

On the contrary, Episode III is my most recent installment in the series and turned out better than I thought it would! I had already finished Episode III but decided to break in two parts because it was so long. While writing, I had to break it into four segments, the first two can be found in A New Day: Part One. Using the new version of WordPress editor, I was able to transfer the text and the format to WordPress easily so posting the last two segments and Episode IV shouldn’t be too difficult, though I plan to write a few blogposts before moving on with my fiction.

Cancelled Posts

About Genesis^^

About Genesis…” was a post that was going to discuss the differences between Morris’ The Genesis Record and Prager’s Genesis commentary. I began writing this post with a different method. I was told in college that rather than reading through an entire book, I might consider reading only the topic and conclusion sentences to each paragraph. To add to this, I was actually taught during my senior project in high school that an acceptable way of editing is to produce an outline, write the topic and conclusion sentences to each and fill in paragraphs with citations. With this in mind, I aimed to mimic this editing process for a short comparison between the two books.

I started editing in my “Code Writer” program from the Windows Store and fluently made my way through two sections! I remember specifically thinking, …and then I can write about [this] in between these two sentences to make a paragraph! for each and every paragraph I had written. I obtained the incentive to go to bed after a slight dose of writers block, shortly after I composed the opening and closing sentences to paragraphs one, two and three of the third section of my potential six-sectioned essay. I decided to rest for the night.

Then the night turned into a week, the week into the month, and month into two. After spending the majority of the summer away from writing, I came back only to find two-sentence paragraphs. I knew that I once had an idea of what I wanted to fill those paragraphs with but I was at a loss because the opening and closing sentences really told everything there was to be told. Which, I suppose, is what topic and conclusion sentences are supposed to do anyway but in this case, there was nothing to add! I’ll not try this method again in my upcoming posts.

Upcoming Posts

Fiction: Presidential OfficeKingdom Daft Double Crossed

As I’ve already mentioned, I have plans to release part two of episode three and episode four in the future. Episode IV is entitled Darkside and is almost complete. I know how I want it to end but struggling with maintaining accurate continuity while still adding the scenarios and scripts I want. Maybe I should just learn from “A Faux Hope” and realize that just because I want it to stick to a certain principle, that won’t necessarily make it great. In short, the Presidential Office series shall continue soon.

In other news on fiction, I’ve begun writing my tales from the Eliverse. I wanted to start by describing the headquarters of EliCorps (my apologies if spelt differently in the past but it still sounds the same). This consists of a lake known as Elliptic Lake with an oddly shaped building to the smaller end of a pointed oval. I’ll get to writing about the actual story right after I describe this building’s architecture. Though, it’s complicated with just words. SketchUp now requires payments on its newest CAD software, so I won’t be able to use that to visually display it. I’ll figure it out eventually.

A Personal Struggle

Avengers: Endgame was released in May 2019 and was an excellent conclusion to the “Thanos” saga. I didn’t like the beginning but, overall, I don’t think they could’ve ended it any better. In the movie, one of the characters manages to overcome a large obstacle I could easily relate to. I actually have compared myself to this character multiple times in the past, especially to his role in Avengers: Age of Ultron. I won’t go into too much detail now, but I already a written outline of this post and still might add a few more topics to discuss.


In other news, Square Enix will be releasing a new Avengers game in May 2020. This publishing company is obviously one of my favorites, evidenced by the abundant use of their games in my posts. These consist mostly of scenes from Kingdom Hearts but my next few posts should use scenes from games like Final Fantasy XV or even Life is Strange. It’s hard for me to imagine anyone but Chris Evans or Robert Downey Jr. playing either Captain America or Iron Man, so I’m not too sure how much I’ll actually enjoy this game. Still, I know what I’ll be using as this post’s featured image.

A few different posts themed by Life is Strange

Like I said in the last section, a few of my future posts might have featured images that feature screenshots from Life is Strange. When I first played this game, I really got a kick out of it, so I’d love to feature this game. I have a few different ideas for two completely separate posts but they’re really underdeveloped. So I thought I’d outline them both in the same subsection.

I first bought this game in 2016 shortly after I left college because of my fascination with Square Enix games. You might think I would find this game complete trash because it’s about a liberal art student that goes rogue and breaks the law at the whim of her psychologically unstable “friend” which could not further from the truth. I must have had a different mindset back then because I absolutely adored this game.

Life is Strange

That said, my first idea for a post was to express my fascination with the story of this game with a few other personal favorites. My favorite actor, to be precise. I was going to go into why these two, possibly teemed with my favorite comedian, assist in my realization of a personal discovery.

The other idea relates a little more to the actual game, however, as it has to do a little more with time. See, I remember this idea’s conception as clear as day: I was on the bus and I heard a song that shall remain nameless for personal reasons. Anyway, this song had to do with knowing when you were going to die. The post that will not likely be written into a full blog post has to do with theological speculation as how knowing my death date would and, more importantly, whether it even should affect my behavior.


Well, I had one more idea but seeing as how none of the posts written of here are likely to be published before the year is out, I’ll just leave that one for my Winter 2019 update. Moreso because the post I didn’t tell anyone about was supposed to be published before 2020 and I haven’t even started yet and it’s, like, really important. Might as well squeeze what was supposed to be an actual blogpost into a standard obligatory page just before new years or, more likely, sometime in January. To finish, I’ll reveal why I’ve been slacking on my writing.

See, ever since my post, “Am I Really Me?“, all of the post in between could really be summed up as a series where I idolized finding that perfect person above the Lord. Right after I posted “A Faux Hope”, I was thinking about following up with another post about “What Happens When the Enemy is Defeated?” That post was never published because I would be able to see through it as pathetic attempt at what “A Faux Hope” was supposed to be. Also, the “enemy” that was to be referred to in the post that never was returned not too long thereafter, which is another reason it was such a lazy summer.

Still, this “series” about my false idolization of women and where my trust should really be placed was a large mountain to overcome and I’m glad I was able to write about it. I really believe that the better realizations about myself were delivered through my writing. “Am I Really Me?” revealed my discomfort with the old me because I was not ready for a relationship, “About Food…” and “My Disagreement with the Lord” showcased my anger with Him since he did not deliver the prize I so desperately longed for, and the realization at the end of “The Cake is a Lie” tied the series to a close so perfectly! What could be next? What will be my next mountain?


Though, I may have found it. …but that’ll have to wait ’til next time. Have a great holiday and hopefully I can get something done by Christmas but in case I don’t, you can count on a Winter 2019 Update by the end of January! Until then, stay awesome.