About the Author

My name is Christopher and I am a devout Christian and I enjoy reading about the Lord (The Holy Bible among other sources by C.S. Lewis, Walvoord, Zuck, Ryrie and many more) and composing several note documents with my computer or tablet. Occasionally, I’ll have detailed thoughts about a subject or event and wish to share these thoughts with anyone who will [read]; that’s what this blog site is for.

Something’s different…

This website used to be where, in addition to my personal notes and blog entries, I would also read my books and then compose a document, or blog, listing my thoughts on a single chapter.

I stopped this process for a few different reasons, two of which I can list right now:

  • First off, I stopped doing that mainly because I thought that people could use it as an excuse for not reading what I read. As stated previously, I used to write down my thoughts on various chapters from the bible and other books, like a short book report where I would point out things that were interesting to me. I feared that if people read the short summarization that I produced they would consider it the equivalent of reading the chapter I’m reporting on. This especially concerned me when considering that I posted about chapters from the Bible.Just like regular books about biblical topics, reading my blog entries would not be an efficient substitute for reading the Bible; the effect they had would be much different. (That is, if my writings had any effect at all!)
  • Secondly, another reason I stopped reporting on every chapter I read was because, when it comes to the Bible, reading and then postponing continuous study to create and edit my own document would also postpone the Spiritual nutrition that only The Word of God can provide to the insatiable Holy Spirit within me. He’s always hungry and I must be quick to satisfy His hunger.


So… What now?

I’ve decided to begin using the site as a place where I can post my personal thoughts on religious topics, like prayer, or questions that I have about the books that I study. As of yet, the website is not finished. I’m still deciding what kinds of things I want to write about so just hang tight, k?

-Christopher, v2.2