What’s New: Summer 2019

Welcome Readers!

Wow. It’s been a busy few months since I last posted a “what’s new” update. A lot of ideas swirling in my head; so many things I want to write about! For all my returning readers, I welcome you back and for my first-timers, I welcome you to my site and hope you enjoy what is seen and read. Lastly, to all of my readers, I hope that as I dive deeper into describing some of my future writing projects, that I can get some of you as excited as I am for said projects!

First, I’ll open with a couple of my most recent blogposts which, together, really act as a third testimony to contribute to my Spiritual Life. That will lead into a fictional story that was written a while back but that I only made public in between these two posts. After that, I’ll mention a conversation I had an old friend from college about my fictional stories which got me thinking back to the storyline of this series and, moreover, doomed me back to my endless ambition to polish up the story that’s been running around in my head since middle school. While talking about those ambitions, I’ll finish by talking about a few future writing projects I hope to complete before the incentive to compose them runs thin. Lastly, the preceding thought will encourage a reference to an image I recently made for an older writing project before my conclusion. Now that I’ve written an acceptable outline to come back to if I lose focus, let’s begin!

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These are my newest non-fiction blogposts! Although published a few months apart, they both act as one continuous thought. The Cake is a Lie was written in late April and finishes with the incredible discovery that warranted the question, “Is that really what it means?“. When I began composition on Cake, I fully intended to make my thoughts against Christianity known but in the end, did not do so because I pretty much take it all back at the end. Which leads into the second part of the testimony, the actual realization of my wrongdoing and reconnection with God. That said, I am proud to announce that I am now actively seeking God with a new desire to be genuine rather than forcefully obedient.

In the President’s Office series

Unwanted Company Returns

Another post I recently published is another episode from my “Presidential Office” series, Unwanted Company Returns. This is another one of my favorite episodes but not my absolute favorite. In one of my posts, which I’ll refer to later, I talk about my favorite episode, The Way Back, which I’m sure has to be one of the last episodes, chronologically speaking.

Shortly before posting this episode, I had a conversation with an old friend that I met at college and revealed to her that this series was never actually completely written out episode by episode. I thought I could only write about the events in the series shortly after the thought of the episode occurred otherwise the feeling would be lost.

However, shortly after this discussion, I posted this episode and thought, “Yeah, this is a series I would like to finish but I wouldn’t remember what actually happens in episodes that connect.” Then the other me was like, “Chris, you just gotta play connect the dots.” I shot finger guns at him and began working backwards from Sue’s Whereabouts in addition to thinking back to what would happen immediately after Episode 1.


Surprisingly, I remembered a lot more than I thought I would! It was really surprising. ‘Got all the way up to episode fourteen before realizing that most of the episodes that I actually wrote thus far are actually in season three! I haven’t actually recorded the layout of season three but, hopefully, I can maintain a sequence of seven episodes per season. Though, one of the things I noticed about writing is that, sometimes, the things I want to write or do and the things that make a story or blogpost something worth reading are not the same thing. We’ll see.

Anyway, as you can see, I already have episode one and, although it hasn’t been published yet, I have episode two written down. So, not entirely certain I could do it, I secretly started writing an episode three. To my utter amazement, I personally think it turned out rather well. I’m having trouble with the ending but I hope to start releasing episodes in chronological order very soon.

… [five seconds of narrowed eyes]

……… [ten seconds, gears turning]

[processing completed; compiling literary explanation] …. Actually, on second thought…

Hear me out. There’s this episode in the middle where Joshua reads a chapter from what I’m very sure is the Prophetic Book of Isaiah to Mr. President. There’s a disagreement between the two before the commander barges in and greets the president with some news that the president was not anticipating. The thing is, I remember everything that was supposed to happen in this episode except what chapter of Isaiah he was reading. With this dilemma, perhaps I oughta keep posting in random order.

It’s my blog; I’ll decide what to do with it. Regardless, I’ll probably start posting different episodes with the actual episode number recorded in the featured image.

About my actual fiction series…

Constructing the Eliverse

Interestingly enough, the conversation had with my friend didn’t have anything specifically to do with my presidential office series. The question she asked me was “Do you still write fiction?” So, in addition to finalizing my presidential office series, I am thinking back to the Eliverse saga as well.

Although there are still a few things about this series that I want to remain hidden, the Eliverse is an actual expanded universe that I’ve created; why shouldn’t people know about it? At the very least, I’d like to write a preface. Like, maybe not go into the actual events of my stories but reveal a few details about the world they live in. I hope to have this series accompany my presidential office series in the “fiction” tab of my primary menu bar in the near future.

Current Writing Projects

On another note, I’ve had a few non-fiction ideas that I hope to record and publish before the incentive to do so becomes obsolete. These will actually be blogposts about personal events, discoveries and/or breakthroughs.

However, say that I want to write about a subject that particularly frustrates me. If something were to change in my perception of said problem or the problem resolves itself, the purpose in recording my feelings or attitudes on the subject would be made null. I hope to get these thoughts published, or at least recorded, before this time. Still, let me go into detail about a few of these posts.

A Faux Hope

This is a post that I’ve already started writing and that I hope to have prepared for final edits by the end of next week. ISilent Hill 2 Jail Scene.PNGt really focuses on a personal realization I had shortly after my latest blogpost when I finally heard a sermon that hit home, better than others at least. The featured image will be edited dramatically, first because it needs to have the title and author but also because I just hate the shade of Maria’s fingernails and the pattern of her choker. Still, I had to use this image because I had to give Square Enix a break and, more importantly, it just so perfectly fits the post’s main point.

After going on your life-changing journey, you now realize you don’t want what you thought you wanted; what you really wanted was inside you all along.

– Squidward Tentacles

About Genesis…

This is a post I wanted to begin writing just a few weeks ago. Originally, it was one of those thoughts that really makes you think, “Yeah, I might wanna write about that but, I mean, maybe not; it doesn’t really matter.” genesis-wingThough, when I thought about what to character I would use for the featured image, this post had to become a reality.

Unlike most origin stories, I think Final Fantasy VII‘s was necessary because there were actually a few hints toward Zack’s existence in the original. Thus, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a game that focuses on Zack’s goal of becoming a member of SOLDIER, Final Fantasy VII‘s paramilitary organization. Soon, he is assigned to locate a missing organization member who, after discovering his origins, allies himself with the opposing forces against Shinra, the electric power company and megacorporation that houses SOLDIER and is responsible for Midgar’s main power grid. The antagonist’s name: Genesis.

Not that my post on the biblical book of Genesis will have anything to do with politics or antagonistic attitudes. The featured image will most likely contain a different screenshot, preferably one that depicts the same character as less of a nuisance. The actual blogpost will just refer to a few differences I noticed while using different commentaries but I like how the character’s name is similar to a topic I want to write about. So much so, in fact, I have already started to plot the blog’s outline.


New Photo, Old Post

While thinking about Genesis as a personified reference to the book of Genesis, for a slight while, I actually thought I might want to do something similar for the other sixty-five books of the bible. That thought was quickly shot down as I don’t even think I have enough video game knowledge to complete this task but I quickly thought about what I might use for the book of Exodus.

I thought, When Insomnia was under attack, it was quickly evacuated which, I suppose, might be considered a form of exodus. This was a quick thought and didn’t really translate well so I trashed the idea but I started to think more about the game it was from: Final Fantasy XV. I started to remember the awesome parts of the game as well as it’s intriguing storyline. Shortly thereafter, returning for another playthrough didn’t seem like such a bad idea.

Soon into replaying the game, I didn’t get too far into another “New Game+” before remembering that it starts out rather slow. I ran through the game in my head. I remembered a scene where Lunafreya, betrothed to Prince Noctis, is in Altissia (Eos’s attempt to mimic Venice, Italy) delivering an address concerning the peace they hope to accomplish with her marriage to Prince Noctis of Insomnia. Before she speaks, she clasps her hands and bows her head. “Hey, that reminds me of a post I made soon before integrating video game screenshots as my featured images!”

My Thoughts on the Doctrine of Prayer

I was so proud of this image! It turned out exactly how I wanted it to and, if I may say so myself, I think it looks absolutely fantastic! I was thinking about using Aerith from Final Fantasy VII Remake because the opening scene where she is seen in a similar stance has already been remastered. Still, I decided to use Lunafreya to reference prayer because my neverending quest to find symbolism in any form of media dictates that, whereas I believe Aerith is to represent Mother Earth, I find Lady Lunafreya to be an actual representation of the Holy Spirit.


I’ll admit, this page actually turned out to be a lot more lengthy than I originally intended. I suppose I haven’t made an actual “what’s new” page since late April, so I had a lot to update on. That, and my mind has just been exploding with new ideas! There was even an idea I thought of when I saw someone at church recently! Still, that’s not actual idea yet so I’ll just leave that one out but here’s a hint.


Above is a screenshot from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children when Rufus Shinra, the president of the Shinra Electric Power Company, unveils that he’s been hiding a box from Kadaj, one of the three remnants of Sephiroth. The box contains the item Kadaj has been desperately searching for. The contents of this box, as well as Kadaj’s cry for verification as to the contents of the box in question for the purpose of exposition, hint at what I would write about if this post became a reality. Although, I likely won’t end up writing about this so I’ll just leave my readers with the screenshot I’ve been wanting to edit as the featured image for such a post.

That about ties it up for this update! I hope I left all my readers, no matter how few or many, to be just as hyped as I am for future posts. I hope to have new content, both fiction and non-fiction, published very soon. Stay tuned and, as always, stay awesome!

R. Christopher Melton II

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