Quick Jots: Blindly Obedient

I don’t have a car or even a license, for that matter. I’ve thought about it a lot and even desired it at some points. This desire usually occurs when there’s a woman I want to impress and that immediately shuts down the idea all together. If I ever plan to spend more than two hundred dollars on anything, it better be for something that I genuinely want. Cars usually run up to about one thousand dollars or more so if I want one, it better not be just to impress some woman that’s probably gonna end up with another guy within the next year. Why would I ever need one anyway? This town’s outdoor activities are very welcoming and I just so happen to have a bike!

Using my bike as a main source of transportation is actually a very cost efficient way to get around town. Car insurance is something I assume would occupy a large chunk of my paycheck which could better be spent on Taco Bell® or Pepsi® products. Riding my bike also allows me to lose weight so long as I keep a close eye on my calorie intake. It even saves me time when I ride to and from work instead of catching the bus. With all these positives, I’d only be forced to find alternative transportation methods when the weather causes obstructions that render a bike ride unpleasant.

Freezing temperatures, snowy weather or icy pathways are a few of the conditions that would dissuade me from riding my bike. Adverse weather conditions like these aren’t that common but usually occupy a good 35% of the year if not more. I’ll occasionally arrange a ride with a family member or very rarely call a taxi but I’ll usually catch the bus when it comes to getting to work. The bus stops about a block from work so I have to walk through the workplace since the employee entrance is next to the employee parking garage where the majority of employees enter.

Arguing with Authority

A few of the security guards let me know that my methods of avoiding the risk of injury by walking to the employee entrance as a guest is prohibited. Harvey’s employee entrance was moved on November 9th specifically to prevent employees from having to walk across valet from the garage to the employee entrance. “These entrances/exits are for your safety during our Winter months.” If I were to use the entrance they say is mandatory, I’d need to walk around the casino to use the parking garage elevators at the bottom of a potentially dangerous slope when covered by a layer of ice.

When I made this argument a week or two ago, the security guard working the employee entrance decided to make a bit of a scene. I explained that I was an hour early and have not entered any areas restricted to “employees only” and because of this, I should be able to wander the casino as a guest before approaching the employee temperature scan. Her argument was that no exceptions have been made for other employees that need to walk and that the rule had to be enforced by order of the general manager. Once she felt that the argument had gone on long enough, she called upper management to report my defiance. Upper Management said that they would contact my supervisor and sent me to continue with my day.

As I walked down to the locker rooms to change into my uniform, I considered how I should react when I was called back to my supervisor’s office to discuss the conflict. I considered the possibility that they’d pull me back and ask me to sign a write-up for disobeying COVID-19 policy. “Why should I do that, though? I didn’t do anything but ask why I couldn’t enter as a guest, exit and reenter as an employee. She obviously escalated the situation because she lacked a presentable counter-argument. Should they ask me to sign off on a write-up, I’ll refuse and walk out on them.” Following this thought, my less-emotionally-fueled “left” brain rushed to suggest that I consider what my Heavenly Father would want me to do rather than just act on my own egotism.

Submission to Governing Authorities 

Without a substantial amount of biblical reference, I figured the best way to exemplify my Christianity in this scenario would be to submit to higher authority. The security officer was only enforcing the rules that the company needs to follow in order to stay in business. I constantly need to remind guests to enter through the temperature check before approaching the registration area because that’s my job. She was just doing hers. “Yeah, but I’m not asking the guests to risk their safety! Just their convenience.” Using safety as a defense in the argument about how I should approach the employee entrance was to enable my own convenience, though!

The employee entrance on the other side of the street at Harrah’s is only a little further of a walk and much safer to traverse. Being able to walk through the casino on my way to the employee entrance though would prevent me from being out in the cold for an extra two minutes. It really seems a lot more convenient, wouldn’t ya say? I decided to sacrifice my own convenience in the hopes that my employment status would remain unscathed. At the end of my shift, I approached the supervisor about choosing to use the Harrah’s entrance since I value my job and I’d not heard back at all during my shift.

I expressed my concerns and resolve to my supervisor who was gracious enough to hear me out. Even the less convenient entryway would be closed for a few days during New Year’s Day weekend. We were even due to expect snow that weekend according to the forecast so I still had reason to be concerned. My supervisor said that she would send an email to corporate because she thought my argument was justified but I’m not writing this post to gloat about being right.

As with Everything on my Blog, It’s About Theology

When I look back on my sin, it’s very convenient for me to just think that I am forgiven and move on without an effort to prevent me from falling to the same sin. Battling against sin is somewhat of a challenge! My time spent browsing YouTube or playing video games could be better spent on Spiritually edifying myself but that would take a conscious effort. Although, if I’m willing to endure a few more minutes out in the cold just because I love my job, shouldn’t I put just a little more effort into the relationship I claim to have with my Creator?

…or do I just love my job more than I love God?

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