Quick Jots: My Summer Reading List

Today, I found out that a new book is scheduled to release in September as part of my favorite fictional franchise. “Oh my gosh! No way! This is too cool! I have to tell someone!” I hopped onto my computer in order that I might share it with social media but there were a few reasons I didn’t want to do that. Thus, I introduce my new series: Quick Jots!

Quick Jots Overview

As my very few consistent readers have probably noticed, I can make the majority of my blogs rather descriptive. While this allows me to extend on thoughts and further enjoy my personal affinity for writing, I’ve considered the possibility that this may hinder the popularity of my blogs. I primarily write as an outlet to express my thoughts1 so the “popularity” isn’t a very big concern but I still want people to read what I write. Therefore, my hope is that I can draw readers in by “jot“-ting down some short thoughts giving these same readers the incentive to endure the longer posts.

Quick Jots2 is a series I’ve been thinking about making for a while now. I’ll sometimes share things to social media that are longer than any post that people want to actually read. Today’s “quick jot” would have been one of those posts. The percentage of people on my friends list that would actually be entertained by what I’m about to write is well under 7%. There were also a few reasons I wanted to write this for my blog but this overview of the “Quick Jots” series already makes it longer than I wanted it to be so let’s get on with it.

[Remember that a common feature on my blog is that clicking/tapping a numbered footnotes jumps down to the footnotes section of the same page where you can read the footnotes and hit the same numbered footnote to jump back to where you left off.3]

Quick Jots #001: My Summer Reading List

While looking for something to occupy my time on my day off, I opened up the YouTube app on my Fire TV and saw that one of my subscriptions had posted a video entitled, “Chief and Blue Team Return to Reach Before [Halo] Infinite“.4 My immediate thoughts were, Why would they do that? Reach was destroyed before the first game. In fact, the book I’m currently reading, Halo: First Strike, takes place between Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2. The novel depicts Chief’s return to Reach between the two games only to discover that the Covenant are still destroying Reach in attempts to find an ancient forerunner artifact. Curious, I started the video to find out that Troy Denning has scheduled a book this September to complete his “Master Chief Story” trilogy.

Books (2)

At least, I assume it’s a trilogy because trilogies are a common theme in the Halo franchise. This is a photo from the second half of my 2019 year-in-review blogpost which is why it has Fall of Reach thrown in there. I’ve already read the first novel and, though it was a great book, I don’t think I’ll be returning to it anytime soon. Oblivion was the first novel I purchased from Amazon quickly followed by Silent Storm when I found out my first purchase was a sequel. From what I read5, the first two books in the “trilogy” are set in the 2520s whereas Denning’s Shadow of Reach is the first novel to follow the Master Chief and Blue Team after Halo 5.

Since I already have Oblivion and Silent Storm, I’d like to jump ahead to those books as soon as I’m done with First Strike. I’m already about three-quarters into the book anyway so I might as well just finish it before jumping ahead. Though what I’d read in the first pages of Oblivion would suggest Denning treats his readers as first-timers anyway. wraith-mortar-color-frontI recall reading short descriptions of what a Covenant “Wraith” is or who the Unggoy “Grunt” species6 are. 1042685257-GruntMinorCutoutNevertheless, it’d still be good to read these first two books just to familiarize myself with Blue Team, the team of “Spartan-II’s” directly under the Master Chief, in preparation for Halo: Infinite.

Lastly, some may have noticed the fifth and last book on my Summer reading list furthest on the right.7 I shared in my last blogpost that I desire to be closer to my Heavenly Father. I need to get back to a lifestyle that is more Christ-oriented. Reading the many books I collected from college didn’t really work before but that was only because I didn’t have Christ as my focus before last year. Now that I genuinely seek my Lord and Savior, I wanted a book that would rekindle the fire I had for learning about God and the surrounding Christian subjects.  A friend from that same college recommended a book from her Biblical Counseling class. Since I had a credit that was expiring anyway, I purchased How People Change by Timothy S. Lane and Paul D. Tripp for Amazon Kindle.

How People Change Title Image Explanation

Alongside First Strike and Denning’s tales with Blue Team, How People Change make an excellent addition to my Summer reading list! I hope to finish First StrikeSilent Storm and Oblivion in time for the release of Shadows of Reach on September 22nd. The franchise will usually release Halo games in late-October or November and I’m pretty sure Halo: Infinite is set to release this year. It’d be cool to have the most recent novel finished before I play the most recent game. And of course, the main reason I wanted an eBook was for times when I’m not within easy reach of my print edition Halo novels.


1  The Cake is a Lie is a perfect example of this.
2 …or, more precisely, the idea behind it since the actual name of the series was only thought about, like, twelve minutes ago.
3 See? Like this… [hit the “three”]
4 I mainly wanted to post this to my blog because I like writing and I don’t think I use my blog enough but the second reason was because I wanted to add pictures and links.
5 and according to HiddenXperia
6 As I understand it, the Covenant race is to the Human race as Unggoy [which humans nicknamed “Grunts”] are to Romans.
7 This was unintentional but quite serendipitous.


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