Unwanted Company Returns

Mr. President worked closely with Joshua as they finished up a presentation which has been in production for at least two weeks. After they finish, Mr. Presidents shook Joshua’s hand and kindly asked him to leave. Joshua reluctantly packed his things and told the president that he always enjoys the projects they work on together and that they’re never a bother to him. As he left the office, Mr. President turned to the large window behind him.

Mr. President looked at all the buildings in the city below. Soon into his philosophical stare at his successful society, he realized that they are not as busy as they once were. As he began to wonder how he could spark life into his community once again, a man wearing sunglasses and a slim dark grey vest over a white button-up shirt, tucked into his dark blue slacks which rested above his black pointed cowboy boots quietly stepped in.

Without a sound, the man closed the door and ran his fingers through his ageing black hair. He tightly secured a pointed cap on his head and made sure that his security badge was placed just directly above his torso to the right of his black tie. Still unnoticed, he stepped forward and reached the president’s desk before he cleared his throat, “Sorry I’m late.”

Mr. President jumped. A bit frightened, he turned to find Deputy Reese across his desk and his eyes respectively widen in disbelief.

The deputy lifted his cap with a smirk born from the knowledge that his presence is not the desire of the president. With pride, he relaxed back in the lounge chair behind the coffee table that sat in front of the president’s desk, “Before now, you were either out of office or with company so I haven’t been able to visit.”

After a brief moment of silence, the president unfroze and put on a blank façade. He calmly reached for his office chair to sit facing the officer. “Good to see you, Reese,” he sarcastically grunted without a smile.

Deputy Reese, if you don’t mind and I doubt it.”

Mr. President looked to the right, shrugged and raised his eyebrows as if to say, well, yeah. Further, he explained, “Sorry I’ve been out of office so much but I was busy getting paperwork in order for our second income supporter.”

Second income supporter, huh? Wow.”

“Yes,” he started with a grin, “ssssecond, meaning we as a company are now financially secure.”

“That’s not what the budget says,” Deputy Reese murmured under his breath.

“…and, this second source of income has more prestige! No longer should the company be ashamed or embarrassed of our primary income supporter.”


“With that Misteeeer Reese, I give you permission to leave my office.”

Deputy Reese smirked at the president and lifted his hands as if to show surrender. He standed from his chair and tightened his tie as he walked over to the president’s desk. There, he rested his hands on the desk and leaned into the president with a grin and whispered, “not a chance.”

Mr. President shrugged and looked at Deputy Reese with an expression that demanded an explanation.

Deputy Reese stood straight, brushed his mustache with his finger and reported, “I am here on direct orders.”

“From who?”

Deputy Reese rose an eyebrow at Mr. President, “I’ll give you one guess.”

Mr. President looked frustrated, “Oh, he no longer has—”

“Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard it before,” he took his seat and continued, “but the security system reports that he was actually here—in this office—not too long ago; last night even.”

Mr. President leaned back in his chair, defeated, and crossed his arms, “Why are you here, Reese?”

The deputy smirked and pointed behind the president, “Mr. President, could you get up and look out that window?”

Mr. President circles his chair to face the window and stands.

“Tell me what you see.”

Mr. President was hesitant but finally managed, “A society in which our company provides housing and maintenance and relies on the popularity of other companies for its success.”

Reese jumped at the opportunity, “Ah! But how much business is actually being done, sir? How have we maintained our relationships with those other companies to ensure their quality is preserved?”

“Okay, fine, I’ll admit: we’ve been a little busy with—”

“Let me answer that for you, Mr. President: None.”


“I’ve been to those other companies, Mr. President, they think lowly of you.”

Mr. President didn’t want to believe it and wanted to scream at the deputy for his false accusation but before he could think of a sufficient defense, Reese continued.

“Definitely not as highly as they let you think, Mr. President. Surely, they’re only staying to entertain our society because leaving would make their own company look bad.”

Mr. President searched for supporting reasons to deny Deputy Reese’s supposition but was too distracted by the possibility that he could be right.

“By now, they must understand how pathetic our company is. Surely, they would feel guilty if they were to leave. Do you think that they want our company in the main district of their own societies? We should spare them all the trouble, and kick them all out. ‘They don’t want our company, why should we want theirs?’ Especially, the art exhibit just down the street.”

Mr. President turned from denial to fear and looked to Deputy Reese with concern.

Deputy Reese looked into Mr. President’s eyes, then threw his hands on the sides of his head and looked up in exasperation, “Goodness! Where do I start, Mr. President!? You must imagine by now just how much of an absolute pain we have to be to her company. Even in our best efforts to try and make time for her, she denies us. She doesn’t give us nearly as much attention as we give her. You have to have thought that she’s trying to end her relationship to us.

“Dismissing the embarrassment that our company is, think of her! She deserves so much more than what our society could ever hope to offer her! Her art pieces are among the finest to ever exist in the history of our society. In what universe would our society ever hope to deserve such a delicate treasure? Better yet, what kind of repulsive swine do you have to be to think that the diamond that is her very existence deserves at all to be bothered with satisfying our appalling community?”

Mr. President was at a loss for words and lowered his head in despair.

“Excellently said, deputy,” said a soothing voice from behind Deputy Reese.

Mr. President looked up in horror as the deputy introduced, “You didn’t think that I’d come without Suzy, did you?”

Sue approached the president’s desk and looked over at the deputy on her right, “Your presentation was delivered brilliantly and the emphasis– oh! Chills, running all the way down my spine. I swear Deputy,” she lightly applauded, “well done.”

The president breathed heavily in anger as Sue C. hopped on the desk to the president’s right side, “How have you been Mr. President?”

Mr. President, looks up with a stern face, “I’ve been fine, Sue. Great, actually. Couldn’t. Be. Better.”

Sue narrowed her eyes at him, “Is that so?” She reached into her black purse and removed a small pair of black reading glasses. She lifted them over her eyes and bewitchingly examined the president.

Mr. President sighed and looks down, in attempts to deny her beauty.

Deputy Reese saw Mr. President look down and looked back at Suzy to observe her appeal. He noticed her reading glasses and shouted with a grin, “Suzy! I didn’t know you wore reading glasses.”

She took them off, “I don’t, they’re special reading X-ray glasses. They allow me to see through the president’s lies and read his true feelings.”

Deputy Reese moved his eyes back to Mr. President and tightened his lips to show he was impressed with her wit, “Hm. Interesting, what do you see?”

She placed the glasses on the desk she sat on, “He doesn’t look well, Deputy. Not at all. I think we should set up shop and stay for a while,” She hopped down from the desk and walked around the same desk.

Deputy Reese worked his way behind the president’s desk and supported, “Oh, I think that’s an excellent idea, Suzy.”

Suzy continued, “You know, just to ensure he’s got the right people to talk to.” She pulled out the chair at the desk to the right of the president.

Mr. President looked up and commanded, “Suzy, don’t you dare! That’s Joshua’s des—”

The deputy forcefully took hold of Mr. President’s shoulders and slammed them into the back of the chair, “Mr. President, I don’t think Josh will be back anytime soon and the last thing we want is for you to be alone.”

Mr. President reached forward to pick up the phone, but Deputy Reese reaches forward faster and tightened the phone down to the receiver.

Sue sits and opens the laptop on the desk to discover a list of all the company’s communications, Josh must’ve made sure all communications were open before he left. She quickly began to modify the settings.

The Deputy looked to Suzy, nods, and speaks to the president, “Now, who could you possibly want to call? You have two great workers in your office willing to work alongside you in this season of work and finance issues and you want to call someone else!?”

“Besides, you couldn’t anyway” Suzy looked up from the computer, “Message from the maintenance office says all communications have been shut down for the time being. Apparently, they’re doing work inside the building.”

Deputy Reese looked back at Suzy and grinned. He lifted his hand from the phone and turned toward the window to complain, “Huh, too busy maintaining our own selves to attend to other companies, are they? Mr. President, we obviously need to be here to counsel you on the proper organization of this company’s priorities.”

Suzy adds, “and until Josh gets back, it’s quite obvious he doesn’t want to be here.”

Deputy Reese encouraged this thought, “Mr. President, you need us here.”

Suzy concluded, “Mr. President, we’re here for you. Share your thoughts with us because we’re the only ones that are certain not to abandon you.”

Mr. President slowly removed his hand from the phone and rested his elbow on the desk to support his head as began to weep into his palm. Deputy Reese stepped over to Suzy and motioned for her to get up out of the seat. Suzy got up and put a hand on Reese’s cheek. She nodded with a smirk to declare a job well done. Reese sat and opened the laptop to start deleting Joshua’s handiwork.

As Suzy moved toward the President’s desk, she reaches in her purse and pulls out a bright red apple. She sets it on the president’s desk and notes, “The Commander wanted you to have this.” The president reaches for the apple with his other hand as he wept. Afterwards, she sat down in the lounge chair and crossed her legs before she tossed another apple to Reese. Reese caught it as she pulled a third one out for herself. “So, I understand the company’s budget is seriously below par,” she started as she bit out of the apple.

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