A Hypothetical

I am a devout Fundamentalist Christian. Every word of Scripture is Truth and was unmistakably influenced by the Holy Trinity without error (see quote below). I cannot deny the fact that there is a God in Heaven meticulously working in each of our lives planning every bit to accomplish the greater good. There can be no doubt that there was an Artist who painted the world to fit everything to work together as perfectly as it does. Lastly, we who can think and evaluate can be certain that there is a spirit in us that separates us from animals in that we are made in the image of God. So that you know, I do not oppose anything that is taught in Scripture and, most importantly, to question the existence of God is not an activity I enjoy participating in.

“Verbal Plenary Inspiration: The process by which God superintended the divinely prepared human authors of Scripture so that using their own backgrounds, personalities, and styles, they composed and recorded without error God’s revelation to man in the words of the original manuscripts.”

– Doctrines of Scripture and God, Dr. Dave Nicholas

At some point in late-2016 or early-to-mid-2017, I attended a Sunday night evening service alongside three friends. I forget exactly what the sermon was teaching but the pastor asked what we would do if we discovered there was no God. Maybe he was teaching on something from Ecclesiastes, but the question got me. I remember it only because it was an intriguing question. Here’s a question that would need deep consideration and the pastor just asks it like it’s nothing to contribute to his further point (which I’d really like to remember).

On the ride home, my friend asked me personally what I would do if there was no God. What a tricky question! At first, I think, “I would still go to church because there’s no way he’s not real” but that’s the question: What if you knew He wasn’t real? I answered that I would still live the life I do now because regardless of whether there’s a Person who created the water cycle, designed the trees to breathe in what we breathe out and vise verse, the set of Christian morals is desirable because of their respect to others if not God. There’s another question that’s been bothering since but the reason I write today is because the memory was resurfaced by a YouTube video.

[WARNING: Spoilers for NieR: Automata ([B] ending) ahead]

After completing the [B] ending in NieR: Automata1, I watched the second video in an “analysis” series that is not exceptionally appropriate for Christian viewing2. After playing through the storyline once as the android combat model, 2B, you are invited to play through the same story from another perspective as the android scanner model, 9S. The second storyline reveals a bit more about the story as 9S is a little more curious whereas 2B just really likes to destroy and defend.

NieR Automata Supplies.PNG

Playing as 2B, you find out the humans have fled to the moon because the world has become infested with robots that desire to end humans. While travelling through the world, 2B and 9S witness a spaceship being sent up to the moon. 2B questions what it is and 9S replies that the earth is sending supplies up to the humans on the moon. The point is that the humans can’t survive on the moon but because they are up on the moon, the androids send up supplies to their creators to keep them alive and well while androids fight the robots on earth. The androids battle the robots because they desire to invite the humans back to earth once the threat is gone.3

Near the end of 9S’s storyline, he gets pretty beat up from a missile explosion and is sent back up to the bunker orbiting the planet. While being repaired he wanders the dataspace and rummages through the company’s confidential files because 9S models are designed to be curious. There, 9S discovers that the counsel of humanity was a project designed as a part of YoRHa.

Wait, but if androids were designed by humans and if the androids were fighting to protect humans, shouldn’t YoRHa have been designed as a part of the council of humanity? What’s more, he finds out that the ships sent out to the council of humanity have always been empty. When 9S wakes up, he goes directly to the leader of YoRHa, the commander (Ha!), and asks her if YoRHa created the council of humanity.

The commander tells 9S that they did, in fact, create the council of humanity’s server on the moon. She extends that the humans never actually made it to the moon. When I was playing the game, this didn’t really hit me too hard but as part of the analysis video, he compares it to the feeling of finding out Santa Claus wasn’t real. The line the commander said was, “No one fights without a reason, and we need a God worth dying for.”4

It reminded me of the question asked in Church way back when. If I found out that God wasn’t real, would I still be Christian? I answer that question with another question, “If I wasn’t Christian, who would I be?” So as to say, if I found out God wasn’t real, would I still read the Bible? Would I still read my books? Would I still go to Church? What would I do with my knowledge? Would I still take pride in knowing what I do? If I wasn’t Christian, I am no one.

God’s Not Dead

I detest the question that ponders the existence of God. It’s just something I can’t think about. People get too attached to significant others and wonder who they are when they’re gone but God is always the constant. If He’s not real, with all that I know and my self-worth? I’m nothing. …but, of course, that’s something I don’t have to think about. If this was a well-thought-out blog post, this’d be the part where I’d go into a long explanation of why I know God is real.

However, knowing myself, I’d probably get too caught up in thinking about reasons why God is real that I’d stall until the post became obsolete. I can rest assured that God is real solely on the fact that we are not animals.

26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”
27 God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

New American Standard Bible: 1995 Update (La Habra, CA: The Lockman Foundation, 1995), Ge 1:26–27.

Animals don’t have the consciousness that we humans do. It’s because God made us in his own image by blessing us with a Spirit of wisdom. We are human. We can discern between right and wrong. The only reason a cheetah would decide whether he should kill a zebra is whether or not he’s hungry and he wants a bit of exercise.

John Ortberg, in Chapter 12, teaches about a time when he went fly-fishing with his wife. He was taught about how fish think. “See a fly, want a fly, eat a fly.” He then goes into how that ties into a human’s sexual urges but my point is that we can decide whether we are to give into sinful lusts or, quite literally, give into our instincts and behave like animals. That’s what separates us from animals and what evolutionary idea can there be to suggest why we have the complex thought processes that we do?


1Yes, as I’ll write about in a later post, I once again play video games as a source of entertainment.
2Warning: Inappropriate language, suggestive themes – NieR Automata Analysis [Parts 1, 2, 3, 4]
3Square Enix seems to enjoy making games with suggestive references to religion.
4The scene I refer to found in Part 2 at 15:37 to 19:59.

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